Friday, May 06, 2005

Minimizing frustration/maximizing fun

A few tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Blogger. Visit all the pages; click the buttons. Play around.
  2. Use Blogger help. It really is useful when you have a question or problem, and can save you time.
  3. You can save your unfinished posts as drafts and come back to them later.
  4. To avoid the dreaded lost post, you might want to compose in a word processor and then paste to Blogger, particularly if it is a long piece. (This has the added benefit of allowing you to spell check).
  5. Some people save all their posts on their hard drives, just in case.
  6. When you start to feel more brave, you can customize the look of your blog, if you feel artistic. Start small: change the colours, say. But if you want to get into it, the sky is the limit. Look what one UNBSJ student did with his Blogger account: you won't find anything like this in the standard templates. If you get interested in design, you might want to look at this site on website usability (thanks to Jertz's Literacy Weblog for the link).


At 06 May, 2005 10:45, Blogger Dennis G. Jerz said...

Looks like you've started a fun site. Where are your students going?

At 06 May, 2005 11:18, Blogger Miriam Jones said...

China, I believe. They aren't really my students; I am meeting with them this afternoon to set them up blogging, and I will maintain this blog and help them with anything related to their blogs. But they are working with our International Office.


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