Friday, May 06, 2005

Blogging is conversation

Weblogs are so much more than journals or diaries, or they can be. They are designed to be interactive. Readers may comment on your posts or email them to friends by using the icons at the bottom right of the post. You, in turn, can continue the conversation in the comments or future posts. You can also link to other people's blogs within your own posts. When you do this, be sure to link to the "permalink" for that post (often found in the date).

Another way of extending the conversation is through your links. You can add or change links manually on your template. You can also use, a free program that simplifies adding blogs to your sidebar.

Read lots of other blogs. See what's out there, and what others are doing. Get a sense of a particular community or forum before you leap in, however. Link generously when you post, and when visiting others' blogs, be sure to leave comments. Blogroll your favourites. In no time at all you will find yourself within a vibrant, online community of people with similar interests.

Final note: be sure to credit your sources. Not because you will get nailed for plagiarism -- this isn't an academic assignment. However, you will get nailed for rudeness: the technology enables anyone to see who has linked to what, and if you rip off someone's material without at least a nod, you may hear about it. But if you play nice, people will welcome you into the conversation.


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