Friday, May 06, 2005

What is blogging?

Here are various resources for you to explore:

Weblogs or Blogs: MEGA-links.

Dr Jill Walker's definition of a weblog (and she should know)

Blog—definition, information, sites, articles. Start here.

10 Tips on Writing the Living Web by Mark Bernstein

Blogs by Jay Cross: "Learn to blog, blog to learn." From an instructor's perspective.

Rebecca Blood: weblogs: a history and perspective: good overview. See also her Weblog Ethics.

Here Come The Weblogs from Slashdot. "News for nerds. Stuff that matters."

Meg Hourihan: What We're Doing When We Blog

What the hell is a weblog? and why won't they leave me alone?: a personal opinion by Derek M. Powazek

What the hell is a weblog? You tell me: forum hosted by Derek M. Powazek.

Wired News: Blogs Make the Headline

About Blogging

How to Blog

How Users Read on the Web (They don't)

What The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

Here is an entry from Klastrup's Cataclysms with links to various articles about blogging. Thanks to jill/txt for the link.

Blogging @ UNB: resources; links

Browse through theses pages. Follow the links. And find new stuff. Remember, Google is your friend.


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